Friendly reminder that Harley was originally conceived as a female henchman to jump out of a cake because the joker doing it “would look too weird.” They ended up developing her into an awesome character with fascinating backstory, motivation, and relationship to one of the most iconic villains ever created, and had the Joker jump out of the cake anyway. I mention this because Harley is now often thought of as merely eye candy, but anyone who’s seen her in her properly written form knows better.

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Heroes and Villains Silhouettes by Steve Garcia

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the time Poison Ivy took a bullet to protect her best friend

Harley Quinn v1 #1

written by Karl Kesel

art by Terry & Rachel Dodson 

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"But you see, Harl? I’m fixing everything. I’m leaving behind a clean, quiet universe. A place where people like me… won’t ever come into existence." 

Joker, Action Comics #770

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I’ve seen this episode. He pushes her out a window and she almost dies. She comes to her senses and is in Arkham asylum. She says, “never again”, but then, she gets a rose from the Joker, and says, “Sweet angel”

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